Our Recent Endeavours

A glamorous look, a beam of warmth and a pop of colour with style and elegance bringing life to a beautiful abode

Thers is nothing like crafting a well designed space that envisages with the soul of the people living in it. A home that seeps in luxury front the start to the end.

The authentic design is a canvas for creativity, inspiration, and exploration – and all three are the context and the story that forms the real footing in the art of luxury interiors.

An office space complete monochrome with exposed concrete walls on which the letters were engraved giving it a contemporary edge where the employees will enjoy a different dimension of aesthetic and ambience for a productive yet focussed work.

This unconventional cool interior is a unique blend of contemporary style and loads of modernity. Wrapped in a palette of pastel colors that instantly illuminate the entire workspace.

The idea was to birth an experience which will be imprinted on every person who walks in the studio. The projects was minutely designed to deliver a glamorous look and it was conveyed through different elements.

A space thoughtfully crafted with a human touch. It celebrates human expression through its statement painted plates inspired by “Fornasetti ”. The space is elegantly designed and detailed with extensive use of mirrors in different sizes that portray amazing self-expression. 


A highly functional loft office articulated as a minimal clean-lined environment, simple yet luxurious workspace wrapped in creativity and functionality